Bar Bat Mitzva Celebration Ideas

Bar Bat Mitzva Celebration Ideas

A Bar / Bat Mitzvah is one of the most significant celebrations for Jewish boys and girls, as it marks their official transition from childhood to adulthood. The ceremony, which takes place when the child is thirteen years old, is typically held in a synagogue and is treated as a very serious, religious milestone. That being said, once the ceremony is over, Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebrations are often held at large venues with many family and friends invited, and are grand in scale. It is a big responsibility and expense for the child’s family and requires a lot of advance planning and preparation. 

Here at Clowns4Kids we versatile in our product offerings. Our goal as a company is to assist with all of your planning and product needs needs for your child’s Bar / Bat Mitzvah, no matter the size. We understand what a momentous occasion it is and want to help contribute to its success as much as possible. 

Please find below some of our most popular product offerings that will help you throw the best Bar / Bat Mitzvah celebration with no stress. Please note that all products can purchased as part of a package. 

Sports Equipment

We at Clowns4Kids offer a variety of sports products, including basketball pop a shot soccer goals, inflatable football goalposts, an inflatable boxing ring with gloves included, jousting arena, baseball speed pitch w/radar and sumo wrestling suits. Keep the kids (and maybe even the adults) active with these timeless games! 

Carnival Games

What better way to celebrate than creating your own carnival? Some of our carnival classics include: 

  • Basketball toss (two-player, electronic arcade game where you shoot a basketball in the hoop as many times as possible before the time is up)
  • Beanbag toss (A spin on a classic carnival game that requires you to throw bean bags in a clown’s mouth) 
  • Rainbow Roll bowling (involves rolling a golf ball into 3 lanes)
  • Shooting target game (shooting a toy gun aimed at fun, animated targets)
  • Krazy Kans Knockdown (this classic games involves throwing bean bags at a pyramid of 6 that are stacked onto each other. Try to knock all of the cans off of the platform)
  • Ring toss (A classic carnival game that requires you to throw circular rings onto stationary poles)
  • Tic tac toe (Just like the old classic game of tic tac toe, you have to get 3 in 1 row to win. This game uses plastic balls to toss)
  • Plinko (You place a chip against the board and drop it. If it bounces through the maze before landing in a slot where you are, you win a prize)

All of the above products, as well as our additional offerings found on our site, can be set up prior to your event and staffed during the event itself. As a fully licensed party planning company with over 16 years of experience serving the Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey communities, Clowns4Kids provides quality products and services at competitive prices, and provides the highest quality in party entertainment and equipment. 

Visit the rest of our website at to view a full list of our product offerings and call for your free quote today. We can’t wait to help you plan your party!