Table Top Games

From puck to paddle and ping to pong, fun at opposite ends of the table improves New York City or other local parties with skee ball, air hockey, ping pong, or foosball rentals. Paired with inflatables or other entertainment, your next party will be the best yet!


Popular across the United States and beyond, foosball lets guests compete with a one to eight-player mode, splitting players on opposite sides of the table. When you add a foosball table rental to your next event, you’ll have entertainment ready with minimal setup. The foosball table itself is all you need to play, and because your foosball rental comes with delivery and installation, your game room is ready to go.

Foosball is especially appealing, with a human foosball game gaining popularity in New York and elsewhere. But you don’t need a giant foosball table or human foosball game rental for your player’s court—just a typical foosball table like our rentals. And, unlike an inflatable game rental, a real table lets you play the classic game with intensity.

Ping Pong

“Ping pang qui,” the trademark “Ping-Pong,” or table tennis, is a favorite competitive play option for casual and professional table tennis players alike. The Olympic sport of table tennis is even historical, with its paddle taking on diplomatic friction from across the net like an air hockey striker.

According to the New York Times, the U.S. team journeyed to Nagoya, Japan for the World Table Tennis Championship, where the U.S. table tennis players were invited to the People’s Republic of China, realizing United States President Richard Nixon’s “diplomacy of smiles” from opposite sides of the table, over the net, and across continents. For your party, table tennis lets experienced and first time players alike knock the ping pong ball over the table tennis net with the iconic paddle, even if their casual game modes won’t necessarily impress Nixon.

Air Hockey

For two-player mode, turn to air hockey. An air hockey table offers a playing surface that’s nearly friction-free, allowing the puck to glide across the air hockey table as you use the striker to reach the slot on the other side of the table.

The puck floats across the playing surface of an air hockey table thanks to fans or blowers pushing air pressure through. Some toy strikers create their own cushion of air, transforming any table into an air hockey player’s court. First time and experienced players alike can pick up a striker (also called a paddle or mallet) and push the puck through the middle of the court on a cushion of air.

Skee Ball

Known for its place beside pinball and other games in arcades from the U.S. to Hong Kong and beyond, the classic game of skee ball is a favorite even with obstacles.

With little to no learning curve, skee ball lets rapid game play start in an instant, starting your very own “world championship” with easy-to-play game modes for any age. Getting that ball into a slot is simple, but skee ball isn’t as easy to master. Aiming at the middle of the court or a particular slot, practice at your party even if you won’t make an official U.S. team or catch President Nixon’s eye.

Across New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere, a simple flat surface won’t have to be chess or something boring. Browse our table tennis, air hockey, or foosball game options, then call about a rental’s availability. At corporate events or parties, tabletop carnival games can work with inflatables and other entertainment options to bring carnival-style entertainment to your next event.


Bring a bit of competition to your establishment with this 9 ft wood bowling shuffleboard table rental. Perfect for birthday & office parties It comes complete with everything you need to get the game going! It includes 4 chrome pucks and 4 black / chrome pucks that are weighted for professional play. It also comes with shuffleboard powder to promote fast action and exciting moments!

Dimensions 9ft long

Poly Pong or Multi Pong

This is the most exciting table tennis type game you will ever play! You may play with two to over a dozen players at the same time. With more than four players, a new player enters the game with each serve. The player who just fouled must leave the game and wait in line until his/her turn to re-enter. Temporary alliances are formed to enhance game strategy as the game progresses. The rounded bumpers provide infinite variety of ball bounces when struck during play. A skilled player uses the bumpers to angle the ball to an opponent, or set himself up for an easy slam. The four brightly colored courts, octal table shape, bumpers, and multiple players take ping-pong to a new level never before possible.

Dimensions 8.5 x 8.5ft