Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table Rental for NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island. A typical air hockey table consists of large smooth playing surface, a surrounding rail to prevent the puck and paddles from leaving the table, and slots in the rail at either end of the table that serve as goals. On the ends of the table behind and below the goals, there is usually a puck return. Additionally, tables will typically have some sort of machinery that produces a cushion of air on the play surface through tiny holes, with the purpose of reducing friction and increasing play speed. In some tables, the machinery is eschewed in favor of a slick table surface, usually plastic, in the interest of saving money in both manufacturing and maintenance costs. But we don’t rent out these cheap types of tables Our table are heavy, big run on air and are such as what you would find in a high quality amusement arcade game room. Our Air hockey table is super smooth & has very little friction.


Additionally if your having a big party you can add other fun interactive games to your rental such as:

Skeeball, Foosball, Dome Hockey, Gockey (a unique game combines hockey & squash) Laser Tag RentalElectronic Basketball Pop a Shot, Giant Games, Carnival Games, Mechanical Bull Rental, Laser Tag Sumo Wrestling Suits Arcade Games Dance Dance Revolution & more. Call us for free quote & see if one of these Air Hockey Tables can fit at your location. We deliver and rent to NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island

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