Inflatable Laser Tag Rental

Laser Tag Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island is a futuristic adventure of light, laser guns and sound by trying to score the most points for your team or for yourself. Instead of going to a laser tag center we bring the mobile laser tag to you. Provided you have enough room this laser tag can be setup right in your own yard or venue or wherever you decide to have your childs birthday party, youth group, summer camp or corporate event.

Laser Tag Pro Rental Dimensions

Its one of the largest inflatable laser tag maze arenas at 40ft  x 40ft. The height with the alien head on top is 18ft. The Alien head is removable & height would be 10ft without it attached. Making it better suited for indoors if height is a concern.  Access to electricity is all that is needed

Laser Tag Rental Feature

Up to 6 players can participate in the inflatable laser tag rental near me at a time included are the laser tag guns and tagger vests for all to wear that record the hits received by your opponents. The laser tag rental is filled with a maze of walls and flashing red lights to conceal you from your adversaries during the game. It’s great fun for ages 8 to adult.

Laser Tag Equipment Weapons

Awesome Weapon choices:
Laser Cannon
Heavy Machine Gun
Battle Rifle
Sniper Rifle

* All guns have realistic sounds effects to the type of gun you choose. For example if you choose machine gun mode it will make the sound of a machine gun when firing off rounds, it will react, vibrate & sound the way a real gun would. Its a really kool effect. There are a large number of magazines loaded to each gun anywhere from 12-30 or even unlimited mode for smaller kids for a longer game.

Laser Tag Child Friendly Mode

Optional is a Kids friendly laser tag mode that can also be programmed where the gun will just makes the sound effects of a laser gun and upon loss of a life it makes a boinging sound to end the game Our service area for Laser Tag Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island

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