Inflatable Ball Pit

Ball Pit Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island. Thousands of Ball pit balls are used in the ball pit rental and it is great for kids and this ball pit can be used for adults too  Our inflatable ball pit rental is brought to your location and setup. Over 2000 of plastic balls are then poured into the ball pit to create a fun atmosphere for kids to swim thru dive into for hours of fun. We have what you need for fun times at your location.

  1. Includes set up and delivery
  2. Filled with over 200o 3″ inch balls
  3. Cleaned weekly
  4. Prices start at $350
  5. Fully staffed


10 x 10 x 2ft

Ball Pit Rental NY, NJ, CT, Long Island

Ball Pit filled with thousand of plastic balls for kids and adults to jump into

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