Ice Rink Rentals

Ice skating is an exhilarating, enjoyable activity that brings together groups of people of all ages! Whether gliding gracefully across the ice while figure skating or attempting daring tricks and turns in a hockey game, an ice skating rink rental offers a unique, memorable experience at a venue that will have everyone talking for years to come. That’s why when it comes to planning your next event, renting an ice rink is an awesome idea that can add a touch of excitement and novelty.

Clowns 4 Kids has years of experience providing portable outdoor skating rinks for everything from weddings and private parties to corporate events and community celebrations. Our portable rinks, complete with setup, skates, lighting, sound system and staffing services, will be the star attraction at your next festivity.

Large outdoor fenced ice skating rink in city downtown with skaters and clear draped rink lights.

Rent an Ice Rink for Your Next Event

No matter if you’re planning a birthday party, large corporate bash, more intimate private celebration, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered. Some of the best types of events to rent an ice rink for include:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Birthdays
  • Company Events
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Anniversaries
  • Winter Events
  • Reunions
  • Christmas Parties
  • Product Launches
  • Corporate Team-Building
  • and more!

Our ice rink rental includes everything you need to create lasting memories, strengthen relationships, bring people together and encourage social interaction, especially during the cold winter season – without the stress. Lace up your skates with friends, family, colleagues and community to laugh, bond and maybe enjoy some friendly skating competition! Even strangers can join in the fun when invited to share in the experience. No one needs to be a skating expert to have fun.

Small outdoor ice skating rink at downtown city intersection with white fence and two people.

Making the Most of Your Ice Rink

An ice rink rental is a fun way to grow camaraderie in a festive environment with flexible entertainment options to complement your main attraction. Clowns 4 Kids also offers party performer rentals, including clowns, magicians, costume characters and more that skaters can enjoy as they take a break from the ice.

Clowns 4 Kids Ice Rink Rentals

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to party rentals, but when you work with Clowns 4 Kids, you can trust that you’re going to have the best possible experience and receive top-notch customer service throughout every step of the process. We make it simple for you to set up your ice skating party, with the following included:

  • Rink setup (synthetic rink; 20 x 40 ft rink dimensions)
    • Hard, flat, level surface required for setup; no lawns
  • Ice skates
  • Ice rink lighting
  • Sound system

Contact us for rental information and to request an ice rink rental quote based on your event, timeframe and location, and start planning the party your guests will never forget!

Outdoor ice rink with white fence next to palm trees, festival stage and tents.