Petting Zoo Rental

Petting Zoo Parties NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island.

Animals Included in The Zoo

Our petting zoo has the best variety of animals. Petting Zoo animals consists of ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats.

The animals in the petting zoo party are set up in a pen & kids can pet, hold for photos. Our animals are terrific & they are very socialized because of the number of parties we do they get used to human contact. Our mobile petting zoo can be performed indoors we suggest you get a tarp to cover the floor & once the party is over it can be rolled up & discarded. Call for free quote & availability

Exotic Zoo & Pony Add ons

You may also combine pony rides with our Exotic Animal Petting Zoo  We have some very unusual animals like ferrets, fox, hedge hog, prairie dog, rabbit, chinchillas, leopard geckos, water dragons, map turtles, balls python, albino python, aligators, hissing cockroaches, Vietnamese walking stick exotic bugs and more. Our Exotic petting zoo is where your children can experience nature best first hand. All are petting zoos are professionally maintained and monitored by one of our petting zoo pet experts to insure safety, discuss each animal and answer any questions about animals in the petting zoo.

For rides how about a Shetland Pony for rides,fully staffed as we walk along side the Pony during rides. Ponies are great for rides, petting & photos

Animal Themed Bouncer & Character Shows

Want to add to the them of your party then consider:

  1.  Farm Yard Bouncer,
  2. Noahs Ark Bouncer
  3. Animal Kingdom Bouncer  and also one of our beautiful animal costume characters show such as a lion, tiger, dog or monkey Costume Characters.


If your kids love animals they will love The Petting Zoo Bouncer

This special petting zoo bouncer includes art work of animals from the petting zoo and more: ducks, chickens, goat, donkey, pig, horse & cow

  1. It features dazzling digital print both inside and out,
  2. kid-friendly obstacles,
  3. a silo tunnel,
  4. tractor climb & slide,
  5. plenty of room to bounce and even has an area that can be used as a ball pit.
  6. This unit has room for 8 kids and only takes up a small footprint of 16’x19


Petting Zoo Bouncer

Petting Zoo Bouncer

Petting Zoo Bouncer NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island

If you love Petting Zoos You will love our Petting Zoo Bouncer

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