Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island is the most exciting interactive dance challenge video arcade game of all time. Dance Revolution has now been surpassed by the Pump it Up Dance Game & it is an awesome exciting 2 player that challenge your ability to get in step to the prompts given by the game. get ready because this is lots of fun. Experts can really show off on this game playing the dance dance revolution game like its a drum set

Object of Dance Dance Revolution

In Dance Dance Revolution players stand on a “dance platform” or stage and hit colored arrows laid out in a cross with their feet to musical and visual cues this is the same with the Pump It Up unit. Pump It Up Dance arcade players are judged by how well they time their dance to the patterns presented to them and are allowed to choose more music to play to if they receive a passing score. Pump It Up Dance arcade you can prove you got the moves to get on the dance floor with the best of them. We deliver & set up everything Special packages when booking more than 1 game


Pump It Up Dance Dance Revolution measures 78 inches tall and 36 inches wide. we can remove the top during delivery to bring it down a little lower to 6ft tall.

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