Christmas Claw Machine

Claw Machine Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island Also know as a crane game or clawing vending machine we will deliver & setup at your location. Easy to use and unlimited free play action. This claw machine crane game can be stocked up with stuffed animals you would like to have at your party

Claw machine or crane game rental near me A basic claw machine is built in the form of a very large clear box filled with prizes such as stuffed toys and typically raised on a base to bring it to eye level operates like an arcade game, making it a fun and challenging game where you can try

your skill at trying to pull up your favorite stuffed animals that you see on the inside and then attempt to drop it into the chute making it even harder to redeem your stuffed toy


6ft x 3ft


  1. bright colorful cool color changing led lights all around and front marque
  2. music & sound effects while in play
  3. unlimited free play mode
  4. super easy to reload more stuffed animals & teddy bears
  5. we deliver and set it all up
  6. classic highway route 66 themed crane game is great for photos

Watch quick video claw machine in action

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