Inflatable Water Slides for Available Rent

Inflatable Waterslide With Pool

Inflatable Water Slides for Available Rent

Inflatable Water Slide Rentals

Water-SlideWhen the weather heats up in the summer months on Long Island – one of the best ways to cool off is on a water slide! If you are hosting a backyard party, a block party or any type of summer event, a portable, inflatable water slide can add hours of water splashing fun to your celebration!

A block party is always a fun event.  There’s something about the neighborhood coming together to eat, drink and play games and its one of the only times that it is safe for the kids to play right in the middle of the street!  But on a hot day, especially on those hot blacktop streets, your party goers will need some relief from the heat!  Bring in the inflatable water slide!

I have been to several block parties and outdoor events over the past few years and have seen many new and exciting inflatable water slides that were fun for the kids and adults!  On a hot day, they are a fun and welcome respite from the heat.  One water slide, called the “Roaring River Water Slide” was over 27 feet tall and had a two lane slide that was pitched on a great angle that made for a terrific splash when you landed!  The slide emptied into a large inflated pool area that cushioned your landing but still provided lots of splash!  My kids also loved the “Wild Rapids Water Slide” that had two lanes as well and also gave them a bumpy “rapids-like” ride as they slid down the slide and splashed into the pool at the bottom!  They must have gone on over ten times!

My younger daughter really enjoyed the “Slip N Slide Water Slide”!   Adorned with cute inflatable palm trees, this slide did not have as big of an incline as the other slides (which worked well for her since she’s only five) but provided lots of slippery fun and splash time! It’s no wonder that according to, water slides are always one of the biggest attractions for kids at any block party or outdoor event.

My kids went to summer birthday party recently and raved about the “Blue Crush Run N Splash” water slide. This inflatable slide combines the thrill of a water slide with a racing element!  They were whizzing down the two lanes racing against each other all afternoon!  They told me it was the best party that they ever attended! They said that no one was in the pool – they were all on the slide! Who needs a pool if you have an inflatable water slide! If your child has a summer birthday, an inflatable water slide will be a big hit at their next birthday party!

If you are hosting an outdoor event in the warm summer months; consider renting an inflatable water slide. Clowns4kids has a large inventory of inflatable water slides as well as many other items to make your event a huge success.   If you are planning a party they can also supply balloon decorations, cotton candy and snow cone machines, carnival games, DJs, arcades, clowns, entertainment and more!  Call Clowns4kids today at 631-643-4FUN.