Terminator 2 Arcade Game

Terminator 2 Arcade Game Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT Long Island

The game consists of 7 stages, with the first 4 stages set during the human/machine war in the year 2029 and the last 3 during John’s childhood in the 1990s. … Fend off Terminators and hunter-killer aircraft as John drives to the main Skynet facility in a pickup truck.

The physical guns resemble 2 mounted UZI 9mm machine guns  To control the game are two guns mounted to the cabinet for dual-player action and to move a targeting sight around the screen.

There is a small button near the front of the gun that you rest your non-trigger fingered hand upon to fire grenades.

Additional ammunition for bullets and grenades can be reloaded as the game action by shooting reload images of them that are on the screen


30 inches wide and 6ft high

We deliver to you full size arcade game top your location. Terminator 2 Arcade Game Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT Long Island

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