Best Bouncy House Rental

Best Bouncy House Rental

A great way to ensure party guests have a fun day in the fresh air is to spring for a bounce house rental. Large-scale inflatables like bounce houses, inflatable castles, moon bounces, inflatable slides, and jumpy castles are a great form of interactive entertainment. Bounce houses are constructed from durable materials like PVC, nylon, or vinyl and resemble a house or castle when inflated. Rental companies can deliver inflatables to your party and use industrial-grade blowers to inflate the structure and get it ready for use. These party rentals are commonly 15 feet by 15 feet by 13 feet and feature a flat, inflatable bottom pad and inflatable walls that allow party guests to bounce inside safely. Keep reading to find out seven great reasons to rent a bounce house for your next party.

1. Bounce houses are safe and secure.

Inflatables are a safe and secure form of outdoor entertainment for children to enjoy. The durable yet soft construction of inflated structures gives kids a cushy landing pad while jumping. Bounce houses have no hard or sharp edges or safety hazards, which is key to their design. Any reputable rental company carefully inspects each rental before delivering and inflating it.

2. There are numerous designs to choose from.


The best part about inflatables is the vast number of designs and themes to choose from such as Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Pixar, animals themes, Frozen, Spiderman. You can view our selection here: Bounce House Rentals New York. Rental companies offer a variety of inflatable rentals depending on the type of event you’re hosting. Moonwalks, princess castles, slide combos, and ski loader jumpers are just some types of inflatables that can take your next event to new heights.

3. Inflatables are fun and social.


Not only does a bounce house rental keep kids entertained for hours on end but it also provides a fun method of exercise. Bouncing around is cardio-intensive, which helps promote bone and muscle growth. Another great benefit that parents will appreciate is how much energy kids can get out bouncing around. Several kids can fit into a bounce house at once, providing a fun social environment for kids to interact.

At Clowns4Kids, we offer entertainment services such as clowns, magicians, costume characters, games, inflatable bouncers, water slides, and DJ services for parties and events. We believe in providing quality event rentals at affordable prices to ensure party guests have as much fun as possible. Our rental services are perfect for all types of events, including large corporate events, company picnics, school events, children’s birthday parties, and more.

4. They are versatile.


A bounce house rental is a perfect choice for birthday parties and backyard parties. Because there’s no age restriction on enjoying inflatable attractions, they’re a great way to punch up the fun at a graduation ceremony, wedding, or other type of special event. Guests of all ages can stay busy and entertained.

5. Bounce houses are easy to move and install.


The ease of portability and setup make inflatable party rentals a popular entertainment option. Because inflatable rentals come in a variety of sizes, they can either be set up indoors or in your backyard. Assembling an inflatable is a breeze—the rental company will deliver all the supplies necessary for a hassle-free setup.

All of our inflatable rentals can be installed on any type of surface such as grass, concrete, or asphalt. The most important thing to ensure is that the surface is level and that there is a way to anchor down the inflatable. This can be done with sandbags or spikes that are hammered into the ground.

When determining the best party equipment for your needs, we’ll ask for photos and the dimensions of the intended setup space to ensure you have sufficient space for the equipment. We recommend a space that’s at least two to four feet larger in length and width than the inflatable. It’s also important to ensure there is easy access to a dedicated electrical outlet for the generator to run the inflatable during the event.

6. It’s a great excuse to be outdoors.


Many kids spend too much time indoors using electronics, a trend that existed even before the global pandemic arrived. Renting a classic bounce house, obstacle course, or water slide is the best way to encourage kids to leave their electronics behind and enjoy some fun in the sun.

7. Bouncy houses inspire imagination.


Bouncy houses allow kids to use their imaginations in a fun new environment. Themed bounce houses encourage kids to come up with stories and games to play while jumping around and chasing each other.

A fantastic way to ensure your guests have a great time at your next party is to spring for a bounce house rental. They are safe and secure, come in numerous designs, are versatile and easy to set up, and encourage outdoor fun.