Best Water Slide Rental

Best Water Slide Rental

Hosting a party in the summer heat can get very hot fast. Without proper shade, cooling, or water access, party guests can quickly get sweaty and uncomfortable. A great way to ensure guests have fun and stay comfortable is to set up an inflatable water slide. A water slide rental is a great alternative if you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard or easy access to a beach. Take a look at how a water slide rental can make a huge splash at your next summer party and take the fun to the next level.

Water Slides Are Refreshing

It doesn’t take party guests long to get hot, sweaty, and aggravated in the summer heat. An inflatable water slide is a great way to get guests out of the sun and relax in the refreshing water. Summer parties typically take place outside, creating the perfect space for a water slide.

They’re Easy To Set Up


Inflatable slides are surprisingly easy to set up. When you order a water slide rental, the rental company can come on-site to set up the inflatable with a generator. Once setup is complete, the company leaves the waterslide for the agreed-upon amount of time before returning to deflate and collect the slide.

At Clowns4Kids, we offer water slide rentals in a variety of sizes and themes. Our inflatable waterslides range from 20 feet, 27 feet, and 42 feet tall. All of our rentals come with hassle-free delivery, setup, and takedown, so all you have to do is enjoy.

They’re a Great Value


Throwing a party can get expensive quickly, depending on the size and scope. A water slide rental is a great way to save money and provide party guests with unique entertainment. Inflatable slides don’t require a lot of water to operate. The average slide needs approximately four liters of water per minute or a quarter of a water hose’s typical water flow. Getting a great value on entertainment frees up your budget for other party details like food and beverages.

There Are a Variety of Slides


The fun part about inflatable slides is the huge selection to choose from. They come in a variety of themes, styles, and heights. Think Slip ‘N Slides, water slide combos, and single-lane and double-lane water slides. At Clowns4Kids, you can explore our large selection of water slides and find the perfect fit for your budget. Our double-lane combo slide is one of the largest inflatable water slides in the area. At the bottom of our 27-foot water slide, riders will make a huge splash into a 300-gallon pool. Our 20-foot Wild Rapids water slide features a double lane that lets guests race to make a splash into the pool. We also offer the tallest and longest inflatable slide in the country: the 42-foot tall Blue Crush water slide.

Slides Are Fun!


Both kids and adults can enjoy making a splash by soaring down an inflatable water slide. It’s a clever way to help kids get their excess energy out while adults can enjoy the refreshment of the water. Given the popularity of summer parties, it’s important to consider the peak times for waterslide rentals. Knowing when the hottest times of the season are can help you plan accordingly to ensure there’s a rental available for your party date. Don’t wait until the last minute to contact a rental company. Booking well enough in advance ensures you have access to a wide variety of water slides for the best price.

When deciding where to set up your backyard water park, it’s important to ensure you have access to a water source. Inflatables require power to run the generators that keep them inflated and sufficient water to fill the pool and keep the slide wet. You’ll need enough time on the day of the event to get the slide inflated and filled with water. Depending on the size of the slide, it’ll take at least an hour to inflate, fill the pool, wet the slide, and ensure everything is safe and rider-ready.

A water slide rental is a fun way to take your backyard party fun to the next level. Inflatable slides are refreshing, easy to set up, affordable, versatile, and fun for all ages.