Dunk Tank Fun Available for Rent

Patriotic Dunk Tank

Dunk Tank Fun Available for Rent

Dunk Tanks Available For Rent

Do you remember that game at the carnival where you hit a target, and the victim got dunked in a tub of water? Ever wished to play that old fashioned game at your birthday party or slam dunk a colleague at an office dinner? Well you got your wish because we are ready to throw a Dunk Tank party for you which you and your friends will never forget.

We have revolutionized the traditional game into something more fun and exciting. Our Dunk Tank rentals are becoming the coolest attraction in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut area. Imagine the fits of laughter that everyone will get when they manage to dunk their friends. You might even get lucky, and dunk your boss, who knows!

The best part of our Dunk Tank is that we have installed a see-through panel, so that you can enjoy seeing the victim dumped into water without missing any part of the action. If you wanna make a splash at your next big party, give us a call. We provide Dunk Tank rentals for birthdays, corporate parties, school carnivals, fund-raisers and many other social events.

Dunk Tank rentals are available in different shapes and sizes depending on the kind of party and the number of guests. There are Dunk Tanks which can store 300 gallons of water and others which can store up to 500 gallons of water. The Dunk Tanks are super easy to set up and do not take a lot of time. We know that the queue to dunk the victim will be long, but everyone will get their turn pretty quickly because our super efficient Dunk Tank system does not take much time to dump the poor target in the water. We do, however, care about the safety of our brave volunteer, that is why a full protection cage is installed around the Dunk Tank so the dumped person does not get hurt.

The Dunk Tank works on a very simple principle. The victim sits in a comfortable chair, and the participants get three chances to throw softballs at a target. As soon as the target is hit, the victim is flushed with water. You will need to provide access to a water source which has plenty of water in it and a hose connected to it. The location where you want to arrange the event should be within reach of the water hose. You will also need to allow time for filling up the Dunk Tank so that it is ready by the time your guests arrive. You will need to consider your yard size too if you are having a lawn party. For example, a 500-gallon Dunk Tank will not fit through a 3 feet yard gate it needs to be 6ft wide. Also we cannot lift the dunk tank over any obstacle or fences So please consider these things before booking

While Dunk Tank game is super fun, adult supervision is required at all times to ensure a safe area where everyone can enjoy without getting hurt. We recommend having two adults standby to supervise the event while the rest of the party has fun. Also, Dunk Tank is not suitable for small kids and the supervisors need to ensure that children do not try to get into the Dunk Tank area.

Whether you want to rent a Dunk Tank for a few hours or the entire day, give us a call. We can help you set up a customized fun-filled Dunk Tank party in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Islands that will make your event a great success.