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Foam pit party – things you need to know

Summer usually means party season.  A pool party is always a great idea, but it has been done so many times before.  A foam pit party is a great alternative to the old-hat pool party.

A foam pit party are great for kids, young and not so young.  Whether a birthday party for a 10-year-old or a high school graduation bash, a foam pit party is a great way to liven things up.  

Arranging a foam pit party may seem like a daunting task, especially if you have never done before.  However, it is a simple process and here are some tips for planning the perfect foam pit party for all to enjoy.

If you have never been to a foam party or seen one, you may be wondering what it is all about.  A foam pit party is the same as any other party in that it has drinks, snack, games, and music.  Except at a foam party, the dance floor will be covered in foam or be replaced by a rented foam pit.

I am sure you will agree that there is nothing like millions of tiny soap bubbles to get everyone in a party mood. Here are a few tips for planning the perfect foam pit party for all to enjoy.

Select the perfect venue

Before the compilation of a guest list, you need to carefully consider the venue to host your foam pit party.  With our inflated arena it means you will not lose the bubble effect.

During summer it is an easy choice to host the party outdoors as it would mean less to clean afterward.  Also, all your guests get to enjoy the great weather and the party.

An indoor foam party is not impossible, but managing wet and slippery indoor surfaces can become a challenge.  Trying to keep the indoor surfaces slip-free may mean you have less time to enjoy your own party.

An outdoor foam party is the best option as you have the space available for as many guests you want.  A grassy area is ideal & we you only need a big enough for the arena to be set up in

Source the proper equipment

To ensure you have the proper type of foam that all can enjoy, you need to rent a foam machine.  Some may tell you that you can make your own, but those will undoubtedly not last as long as the foam created by the machine.  You may have a situation where all the self-made foam has disappeared before the first guests arrive.

You can rent a foam pit to ensure the foam is contained in one area.  So instead of a dance floor, you can have the foam pit as the center of fun for the party.

Be sure to have sheets of plastic and duct tape to cover any electrical sockets, DJ equipment or electric leads of your for added safety.  Also, ensure that all electronics are placed far from the foam pit.

For a new spin to an old idea, be sure to rent a foam pit and foam machine from to liven up your summer party.  Contact us today, and we will gladly help you with any queries!