Magicians For Hire In NYC And Long Island

Magicians For Hire

Where Can I find the Best Magicians on Long Island and in NYC?
Are you planning a party or an event? Whether you are hosting a children’s birthday party, a special celebration, a block party or a corporate event, a magician can be a great form of entertainment for your guests.

Magic ShowStaged Magic Shows are always a hit with the kids but also the adults as well. It is a unique magic show that engages your guests, provide entertainment and get everyone involved. It is a choreographed magic show & it  features classic magic tricks as well as the latest and most innovative magic tricks around it includes tricks with live bunny rabbit kids can pet, tricks with cards and coins, illusions and balloon sculpting for everyone

A strolling magician is another great option for a party. A magician “strolls” around your party and interacts with the guests. This interactive show is a great icebreaker for the beginning of your party. A professional magician walks around and engages your guests close up in interactive card tricks, coin tricks, and other mystical activities.

There are many entertainment companies on Long Island and in NYC, but Clowns 4 Kids is an entertainment company that offers professional magicians that can perform at any event. They have a talented staff of magicians that can come to your home or event space on Long Island or in NYC and perform an intriguing and engaging magic show!

If you are looking for a great way to keep the kids (and adults) entertained at your next event, try adding a magic show. Magic shows and magicians offer hours of interactive and engaging entertainment that will captivate the guests at your event. Clowns 4 Kids has skilled magicians that do amazing tricks and really get the crowd involved.

Interesting Facts about Magicians and Magic Shows
While every talented magician has their secrets hidden in a hat or up their sleeve, it’s a long way towards creating that perfect illusion. Magic and the art of illusion require solid technique, a high degree of dexterity and organizational skills. Before you make your final decision about which type of magic show you would like at your event, here are a few interesting facts and secrets about magicians.

Magicians Are Only For Kids

If you’ve never seen a group of adults gasp in amazement at close-up magic and a great magical performance, you’re in for a real treat. Almost everyone likes magic when it is exciting and performed well.

There’s No Official “Magician Training”
Although there are no official training courses for magicians, and performers, there are schools offering a basic training in magic. At times, illusionists and magicians may pass on their tricks to young magicians during seminars and congresses. Some even sell their self-invented tricks in magic specialty stores.

Magicians Never Reveal their Secrets
Unexplained tricks belong to the world of magic. A magician loves to hear the words, How did they do that?” If magicians revealed their secrets, their tricks and performances wouldn’t be as fascinating – and would lose their livelihood.

Every Great Magic Trick Consists of Three Parts or Acts

The first act is called “The Pledge” where the magician shows you something ordinary. The second act is called “The Turn”, where the magician takes the ordinary item and makes it do something extraordinary. The third act is called “The Prestige” and this part varies based on the first two parts of the trick. It is however, supposed to be the most spectacular part of the trick!

Famous American Magicians
While there are famous magicians and illusionists that come from all over the world, one of the most famous magicians or illusionists was American, Harry Houdini. Other famous magicians from the United States include David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine and the duo Penn and Teller.

What’s so great about a magic show?

Why do people love magic shows? Kids and adults are always captivated by a magic show that includes amazing tricks and illusions. I have been to many parties on Long Island and in NYC that have had great magic shows. And the guests loved them! Here are a few great reasons to have a magician perform at your next party or event on Long Island or in NYC:

They Provide Entertainment
Magicians can provide entertainment for kids and adults. They can get the crowd involved and really increase the energy at your party.

They Give the Kids Something to Do
If you hire a magician that is geared towards children, you won’t hear the words, “I’m bored” from the kids. The kids will be entertained, involved and enjoying every minute of the show. Magic shows are especially fun when you are hosting an indoor party during the cold winter months and the kids can’t go outside and run around.

Magicians Can Do More than Magic Tricks
Many magicians are also acrobats and comedians. They are trained entertainers that can make balloon animals, lead sing-a-longs and activities. You get much more than magic when you hire a magician.

They Amuse the Kids so the Parents Can Relax
When you have a magician at a child’s birthday party, the kids will be engaged for at least an hour. They will be so involved in watching the magician that you will be able to relax and not have to keep coming up with activities for the kids. Take a breather or go ahead and watch the show with them – you will definitely be entertained!
Planning a Party? Create excitement with a magician!
If you are planning a party, there are many things that you must plan in advance. After you secure a venue (which may possibly be your own backyard) you need to come up with a theme. Once the theme is established there are many other things to prepare and plan for including:

• Food
• Cake or Cupcakes
• Drinks
• Favors
• Invitations
• Decorations
• Entertainment

While most of the items on the list are pretty straight forward, many people forget about entertainment. If you are hosting a party with a lot of children, you certainly don’t want the kids running aimlessly around your house or yard, hyped up on all that sugar from the goodies you are serving! Consider hiring a magician. A magic show is a great form of entertainment because it engages and entertains your guests. A magic show is an amusing and interactive show! It is an enjoyable performance that is designed to make the children laugh while also getting them involved with the magical activities. The children sit and watch the show and many are called up to participate and assist the magician with a wide variety of tricks and special effects. Kids love getting involved with magic shows. A magic show is sure to be a hit at your next party.

The Most Talented Magicians on Long Island and in NYC

Juggler-Unicyclist-BoardwalkIf you are looking for the most talented magicians on Long Island and in NYC, try Clowns 4 Kids. Clowns4kids was established in 2001 and has a talented staff of magicians that can come to your Long Island or NYC home or event space and perform an exciting magic show! Our magic shows and magicians offer hours of interactive and engaging entertainment that will captivate the guests at your event. They are skilled magicians that do amazing tricks and really get the crowd involved in all aspects of the magic show.

Our magicians cater to a family audience so you can be sure that our magic shows are appropriate for all audiences. Our magicians perform for audiences of all ages and they always get the crowd involved in their magic and their performances. Their performances are a mix of comedy, music, choreography, illusion and or course magic! You can be sure that the magic show will be the hit of your Long Island or NYC event!

If you are hosting a Long Island or NYC event and you would like to hire one of our magicians to perform a magic show, contact Clowns4kids today at 631-643-4FUN(4386). We can discuss all the options that that we offer in a magic show. We have been told that our magicians are often the life of the party and our customers are always glad that they added a magic show to their event! We even accept last minute requests, so don’t hesitate to contact us to add a fun and entertaining magic show to your party on Long Island or in NYC.