Bungee Run Rental

Bungee Run Basketball Bungee Run in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island. This is primarily used for its main purpose as a Basketball Bungee Run its awesome fun of 30ft. 10ft wide & 10ft tall make sure you have enough space to fit it into your venue and do provide access to electrical outlets as well. In cases of no power by electricity we also can provide a generator to rent thus you can set this up anywhere without having to be limited by a lack of power & we also we provide extension cords in either case.

The Bungee Run Rental comes with everything you will need such as the vests for competitors to wear and as they run down to shoot the basketball the bungee cord will start to tighten up and begin pulling them back and its at this point most will shoot the basketball at the intended hoop only to pick it up quickly & do it again for a best out of 3 before their opponent beats them to it. Its very competitive & lots of fun. Sure will keep the kids or your guests busy. Its very big and colorful (red, yellow, blue, green, orange colors abound) as well so it adds a nice decorative element to your yard making it even more festive. We also fully staff this Bungee Run. Its another great game for you Basketball fans who enjoy the great sport so much & works ideal with March Madness.

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