Giant Twister

Giant Twister NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island  This Giant Twister is a unique giant game because it is an inflatable. This classic game of twister is supersized and then you will play on an inflated surface. Fun and challenging game for hours of fun.

How to play

Spin the dial to see what your next move is. Players must touch and hold an empty spot of the correct color with the specified limb. As the game progresses, players become more and more entangled as they try to hold their color-limb combination in a bizarre jumble that is nothing shy of hilarious for players and spectators alike!

The first person to fall or fail to reach the correct spot is pulled from the game and the remaining players continue until only one is left. This engaging game is certainly good for a laugh! The inflatable platform gives the classic game a special bounce to entertain you and your friends in a new way.


15 x 15ft

*an electrical outlet is required

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