Slip And Slide Rental

Slip and Slide Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island  Water Slides  for children’s party entertainment  We have the latest Slip n Slides! You and your guests will be ready to do time and time again! Then visit the rest of our site for inflatable moon bouncers, castle bouncers, giant slides in the Tri-State area of NY, NJ, CT and Long Island. Here you will find dozens of professionally-maintained inflatable moon bouncers to choose from.  Cool off in the hot sun, host sliding races, and entertain people of all ages!

What We Need From You

Space!!! In obtaining this rental the most important thing is to have enough space for the water slide to fit in place. You should have at least 40 feet in length and 12 wide for the slip n slide. The pictures here will give you an idea about how the Tropical Slip n Slide Water Slide looks & sets up.

Next most important is to have adequate height at your location which should be at least 15ft tall for the slip n slide. So keep in mind tree limbs that may be in your yard that hang down. Of course if your in a field no worries then.

Water & power source needed

Thirdly access to a continuous water source & hose that will reach where you want the water slide to set up.

Lastly access to power source for electricity so we can connect our blowers to inflate the slide. If you dont have power access don’t worry we can rent you a generator.  This unit is perfect for schools, churches, summer camps and more. Kids, teenagers even adults love this ride.

Other options for water activities are

500 Gallon Dunk Tank,

Big Splash Water Bucket Dunker


Want more water fun & interactives for your next party

How about the

20ft Wild Rapids Water Slide it features 2 lanes & a huge landing pool of 300 gallons.

27ft Roaring River Water Slide – 27ft tall, 65ft long, 2 lanes and a huge pool to slide into If you want tallest & longest rentable water slide in America then its

42ft Blue Crush Water Slide for you standing at 42ft High & 2 lanes that run 115ft long for a super fast slide before landing in the huge pool at the end. 

Inflatable Water Slide Rental