Singing Telegram

Singing Telegram near me in NY, Long Island (Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Bronx & Queens) & NYC. We can customize your singing telegram near me to suit your needs or with your help come up with a theme that suits the occassion whatever it is we’ll make your singing telegrams a hit!!!

Our most popular delivery is the singing gorilla gram. We made up a hilarious way of doing it.

The Routine

First we send an entertainer in the gorilla costume. Once there they will contact you or a buddy that is in one joke for your friend, co worker or a loved one, and told that they are there and where to to enter the room in on.

Next they turn up their radio and play the song Welcome to the Jungle by Guns & Roses upon entering the room they entertainer/gorilla will dance around acting goofy and silly making monkey noises. After about a minute they will then turn the radio

The Finale

Lastly go up to the person the telegram is for and sing 3 songs:

1) Happy Birthday To You

2) For He or Shes a Joy Good Fellow

3) You Are My Sunshine.

After this embarrassment they give them a birthday card or card for the occasion  and hang out for some pictures. Thats it! High energy, short, simple and a tons of laughs their face will hurt for a day from laughing. we love it and years of experience has proven so

Other options

Other costumes are available upon request simply visit our costume character page and we can customize a delivery for you by also adding a poem to be read or picking up flower or gift of some sort

Call us today for free quote & availability and let the magic happen.