The Best Clowns in NYC and Long Island

The Best Clowns in NYC and Long IslandIf you are planning a party or an event on Long Island or in NYC, you want to make sure that you offer exciting entertainment. You want to engage all of your guests and make sure that they have a great time. If you are looking for a great form of entertainment, consider hiring a clown or booking a clown performance.

Clowns for Children’s Parties on Long Island and in NYC

Kids love clowns. If you are planning a birthday party or any event that will have children in attendance, clowns are a great form of entertainment. Clowns can make balloon animals, do face painting, sing songs, do magic tricks and lead the kids in fun games and activities. Clowns can arrive in various costumes and dress in the theme of your choice. When you hire a clown for your party or event on Long Island or in NYC, you know that the kids will have a terrific time!




What can clowns do at parties?

When you bring in a clown, you bring in the fun!  A one to two hour performance by a clown will absolutely entice your guests (adults and children alike).  Here are some of the fun things that a clown will do:

  • Perform magic tricks
  • Make balloon animals
  • Tell jokes
  • Sing songs and dance
  • Lead sing-alongs
  • Make bubbles and bubble fun with a bubble machine
  • Play an instrument and sing
  • Play fun games
  • Play parachute games
  • Pose for photographs
  • Do face painting
  • Apply tattoos
  • Entertain the guests for hours

There are so many fun things that a clown can do at your party.

The Best ClownsWhere can I find talented clowns for my Long Island or NYC event?

Clowns4Kids is a full service entertainment company that offers clowns and performers for any event.  Clowns from this talented entertainment service always come in full costume and they come equipped with fun games and great activities to get everyone involved!  These clowns can do magic tricks, make balloon animals, play games, lead crafts, play the giant parachute game or do other fun activities. The clowns will lead fun dances, make bubbles, and make sure that everyone is having fun! In addition, when you hire clowns for your event on Long Island or in NYC, you also get to choose a free costume character to add to your party.  Choose from Disney characters, pirates, princesses, animals and more! If your party is near the holidays – add Santa or Mr. Clause to your event!  These clowns and characters are always friendly, fun and the life of the party!

Are you interested in clown party packages?

Clowns4Kids also offers clown packages to meet the needs of any party or event on Long Island or in NYC.  In addition to the best clown entertainment, these packages also include some other terrific activities to make your party a huge success! Following are some great party and clown packages for your next event.


Clown and Character Combo Package

This entertaining package is double the fun!  It includes a choice of your child’s favorite costume character who will meet and greet all the children at the party and then lead them in songs and interactive dances including the “Hokey Pokey”, the “Chicken Dance”, “Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes” and more!  They wrap up their time by posing for photographs with each child. After the character says goodbye the entertainer will change into a clown costume and return to the party as a lively and entertaining clown! The clown will engage the children with balloon animals, face painting, making cotton candy, using the bubble machine and playing the parachute game.

This package last two hours is guaranteed to bring smiles and enjoyment to everyone who participates!


The Triple Play – Costume Character, Clown and Magic Show Package

Keep the party going for three full hours!  This triple entertainment combination is three times the fun! This package includes a two hour Character and Clown Combo package (details above) as well as our classic and interactive one hour magic show!  Your guests will be engaged and entertained for the entire party!


Awesome Clown Assortment Package

Throwing a big party or hosting a large event on Long Island or in NYC?  This awesome package combines four to six hours of five terrific and interactive types of entertainment including clowns, magicians, inflatables, bouncers and any other activity of your choice!  There will be so much for guests of all age to do and see!

Invite a clown to your party on Long Island or in NYC and watch all the kids smile!


Other Great Forms of Entertainment

magic-showClowns add loads of fun to any party in NYC or on Long Island.  If you are looking to add some more forms of entertainment consider a bounce house or an inflatable ride or slide! Clowns4Kids has so many items in our inventory that will make your party unforgettable!  We can turn your backyard on Long Island into a carnival with games and fun activities. Kids love the big mouth clowns tossing games, TIC TAC TOE games and all of the great games that they have to offer. Why not add clowns for face painting, applying tattoos, or leading some fun sing-alongs?  Your celebration on Long Island or in NYC will be the one that all of guests remember for years!


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Add a magic show!

After booking a clown performance, you may also want to add a magic show. If you are hosting a party with a lot of children – you may also consider hiring a magician. A magic show is a great form of entertainment because it engages and entertains your guests.  A magic show is an amusing and interactive show!   It is an enjoyable performance that is designed to make the children laugh while also getting them involved with the magical activities.  The children sit and watch the show and many are called up to participate and assist the magician with a wide variety of tricks and special effects.  Kids love getting involved with magic shows.  A magic show is sure to be a hit at your next party on Long Island or in NYC.


Can I hire a clown for a block party?

Many neighborhoods on Long Island love to throw block parties!  It seems to be a local Long Island tradition! If you are looking for clowns, waterslides, bounce houses, DJs, games, crafts, balloons and other types of entertainment for your block party – give Clowns4kids a call.   Add a twenty foot inflatable sky dancer and everyone will know where the party is located! We can also deliver cotton candy making machines, snow cone machines and arcade games right to your block party on Long Island!  The clowns can make these treats for your guests.  If your guests like clowns and video games – we have Pac Man, Dance Revolution, 3D Golf, arcade games and more

Whatever type of party you are hosting or theme you are envisioning, Clowns4Kids can help to turn your vision into a reality.  Let us help you with all of your party and event planning. We offer many party packages but we can always completely customize a unique package to fit the theme of your event.

Clowns4kids is a full service party and entertainment company that can help you to throw an unforgettable party and host an absolutely memorable event.  We have a vast inventory of exciting entertainment options as well as many talented clowns and performers that can make your party a huge success!

Whatever type of party entertainment you are looking for, Clowns4kids can help to turn your vision into a reality.  Let us help you with all of your party and event planning. We offer many party packages but we can always completely customize a unique package to fit the theme of your event. Clowns4Kids is the perfect choice for a bar mitzvah, communion, children’s birthday party graduation, block party, corporate event or any occasion that you will be celebrating on Long Island or in NYC!

When you are planning an event on Long Island, be sure to call Clowns4kids at 631-643-4FUN.  We have the clowns, costumed characters, bounce houses, inflatable slides, balloon decorations, crafts, games, entertainment, DJs and everything you are looking for to throw a fun and exciting party on Long Island! We service NYC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and all towns on Long Island. For much more than clowns – give Clowns4kids a call today!

When you want to plan an unforgettable celebration, call Clowns4kids at 631-643-4FUN (4386) today!