Inflatable Water Slides For Rent

Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable Water Slides For Rent

Inflatable Water Slides

Summer is a great time for all things outdoors.  It is the perfect season to get out of the house and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

The summer months also see loads of celebrations.  Just think 4th of July barbeques, birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversaries and loads of other significant days that require a celebration.  And a summer party will not be complete without any water play or amusement. has a wide range of water slides for rent that will turn any celebratory event into one that will never be forgotten.  Water slides provide hours of fun for young and old during the hot summer months.

Long gone are the days where water slides were straight sheets of wet plastic spread across your lawn that you can slide down.  Due to strides in design, technology, and materials, water slides now come in all shapes, sizes, designs, themes, and colors.

20ft Wild Rapids Water Slide it features 2 lanes & a huge landing pool of 300 gallons.

27ft Roaring River Water Slide 27ft tall, 65ft long, 2 lanes and a huge pool to slide into If you want tallest & longest rentable water slide in America then its

42ft Blue Crush Water Slide Get ready for the largest inflatable rental water slide you can get!!! Imagine standing at 42ft High & 2 lanes that run 115ft long for a super fast slide before landing in the huge pool at the end.

Safety tips for water slide usage

When deciding to rent a water slide, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.  A water slide will certainly provide for the most memorable celebration, especially for the children.  However, failure to follow a few simple rules can turn those memorable moments sour.

When planning your outdoor party with a water slide feature, be sure to tell all the guests to dress appropriately.  All that is needed is a swimming costume, or any other clothing suitable for use in water-based activities.  Remind everyone that no shoes are allowed on the water slide.  Returning a rented water slide with holes is not the way you would like to end a great party.

Be sure to never leave any children unaccompanied on or around the water slide.  Also, ensure that everyone understands and follows the rules of use.  You can add some incentives to make it fun and that way the children will be sure to follow all the rules.  For example, for no one shoving or cutting in line, you can reward the kids with an ice cream.  Make sure that the consequences of not following any of the rules are clearly understood by all.

Things to keep in mind when renting a water slide

When party planning starts and a water slide is a top attraction, please ensure you take the size of the area in consideration.  Whether it be a park or your backyard, you do not want to end up renting a water slide that is ill-suited for the space you have.  Also, if the party is held in a public park, ensure that you have permission to use a water slide in the area.

When renting a water slide the company you deal with should always be insured. When you have a water slide rental you are responsible when it comes to the safety of its users and your guest.  Insurance is not anything you want to think about when planning a great party, but something that should be seriously considered when renting a water slide.

Be sure to liven up your summer party with a water slide adventure that no one will forget.  Contact today and we will gladly assist you with any questions or orders!