Airbrush Face and Body Painting

Airbrush face and body painting is a fun, new way to entertain children of all ages! This method of face and hand painting is so Cool that adults will love it almost as much as kids. We’ve entertained thousands of adults and children alike at festivals, fairs, corporate events, restaurants, parties and other special events. The designs are just so incredibly awesome that everybody will want to join in the fun! Face painting isn’t just for faces anymore either!! Nope….. we can also airbrush arms, legs, belly buttons, necks… even your hair!!! The quality of airbrush face and body painting is phenomenal. The spectacular airbrush creations are designed not to smudge. They look almost like tattoos and stay bright and vibrant for hours! Using a combination of stencils and freehand designs, we can create incredibly bold and colorful images that range from fanciful butterflies, mystical dragons and fierce tigers to whimsical teddy bears, stunning arm bands and cosmic belly buttons. We can even airbrush your corporate or event logo! Take a look in our photo gallery for just a small sampling of the detailed and intricate designs that we can create. We have over 100 airbrush designs for you to choose from! The airbrush method not only produces awesome results, it is also the safest and fastest face and body painting method around. We use only U.S. federally approved hypoallergenic airbrush make-up and top quality theatrical supplies. The airbrush method of face and body painting is extremely popular at major theme parks in the United States. Let us bring the excitement and fun of airbrush face and body painting to your next special event in. Lets be the hit of your next event. We are not only talented airbrush face and body painters…we are also professional clowns! We would be just tickled to entertain your guests dressed in our spectacularly colorful clown outfits or we could appear in other spiffy duds that reflect the theme of your event. Either way…we can customize our appearance to meet your needs!