Inflatable Wrecking Ball

Inflatable Wrecking Ball NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island. Wrecking Ball is a awesome multi player game. Most games are for 2 but the wrecking ball inflatable game allows up to 4 players at once. This inflatable game is a very challenging game of strength, endurance & coordination. The 4 player interactive that will keep you having fun for hours.

Dimensions Wrecking Ball Game

30ft x 30ft x 17ft high. Sets up fast, stands out, is very colorful & is an attention getter because of its appearance

Object of Game

Try to swing the big pendulum wrecking ball at one of your opponents to knock them down. After you release the ball you’ve got to stay alert because now your opponent is going to try and knock you down with the wrecking ball too

A unique interactive inflatable game where competitors will stand on there pedestal and push the ball into another competitor trying to knock them down Our inflatable Wrecking Ball NY, NYC, NJ, CT,  Long Island. Last minute parties are available. Access to electricity & 35 x 35 area to set up is also needed

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