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Project Graduation Entertainment NJ is a program offered by many high schools in the United States, in which organized, adult-supervised and alcohol-free activities are offered as part of a post-graduation party, as an alternative to student-run events involving alcoholic beverages or other drugs. Events often last through the night and are

Let us entertain you

Mechanical Bull – ride the bucking bull for hours of fun

Toxic Meltdown Knockdown – this amazing 8 player interactive is a party favorite

Toxic Drop Obstacle Course – 70ft of running climbing, ducking, squeezing & sliding your way through

Field Goal Challenge – 20x 30ft monster football throwing or kicking game

Basketball Pop a Shot – with a digital score keeper in the center a perfect game for 2 people

Ping Pong – 2 or 4 player everyone loves to play

Rock Climbing Wall – 25ft of challenging thrilling wall to climb up on

Laser Tag – with a Huge 40 x 40 arena the laser tag game allows up to 6 participants in it at a time

Bounce House Rental dozens to choose from

How it all started

Project Graduation began in Maine 20 years ago in response to the tragic loss of 18 lives in alcohol and drug related crashes following graduation.  During the 1979 commencement period (May 15-June 30) in Maine, seven of the 12 deaths among teenagers that resulted from driving under the influence of alcohol occurred in the area of Oxford Hills.  In response to this loss of life, a school-community coalition from Oxford Hills developed and implemented a program called “Project Graduation,” a chemical-free graduation celebration, during the 1979-1980 school year.  During Oxford Hills’ 1980 commencement period, there were no fatalities, no alcohol or drug-related injuries, and no arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Does it work

The implementation of project graduation has been extremely successful

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