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Party Entertainment For All Occasions

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Are you looking for a mechanical bull Rental NY service?  There are many different companies that you can use to offer entertainment services to any guests that you have for various occasions such as birthday parties, college graduations, high school graduation, office parties, and other events. You need a high-quality service to meet all of your needs. One company that can offer you rides such as a mechanical bull, magicians, clowns, Water Slides, Karaoke DJ Services, and other fun entertainment for your guests its us at

About Clowns4Kids We started operation in 2001. We offer you fun entertainment services for your events and parties. They have many different services to offer you and your guests. We have musicians, clowns, costume characters, games, and other services to meet all the needs of your guests. They offer full entertainment services to meet all of your individual needs. We have grown over the years and can now host small events up to large corporate events. We can handle a large crowd, or they can give you an intimate occasion for your child’s birthday party. It doesn’t matter what your needs are as Clowns4Kids has you covered.  Here’s a little bit more about what they can offer you.

Fun for Your Events

You and I both know whenever you hold an event, it can become boring for your guests if you don’t have a lot to do. Mini events don’t have anything for the guests to do besides a bit of music, dancing, and some food. While this can be fun for most individuals, it’s always nice to do other things at an event and make it more of a unique occasion. When you have a child’s birthday for example, you want to keep the children entertained with plenty of fun things to do. The same can be said for a corporate event, when you’re entertaining adult guests. The best thing about Clowns4Kids is that we can cover all types of events. Our experts can help you and we can cover any sort of event that you have. You’ll be able to throw a great party when you work with us here at

Fun Food Items

One thing that we can offer you is some fun food items. For example, we have a pretzel machines, snow cone maker, Slushy Machine Rental, chocolate fountain, Tiki Hut Bar rental, popcorn machine, ice cream cart, and other fun food items for your event. They have plenty of unique food items to make your event stand out so it’s a unique experience for everyone. These food items can be especially fun for small children. 

Great Booths and Entertainment

Here at we offer you a lot of entertainment and Photo Booths for your guests to take part in. For example, for the children we have video game stations, carnival games, clowns, balloon decorations, arts, crafts, and other fun activities. For adults there are sports tables, mechanical bull, holiday entertainment, arcade games, belly dancers, casino games, and other entertainment options so everyone can have a fun time. You’ll be able to customize your entertainment options to your exact needs.

Package Options

We have various package options for you so you can find something for your specific event. These package options are some of their most popular and offer exciting activities. When you book two or more of the package options, you’ll be able to save money. The best part about these package options is that you can create your own customized option which will be able to uniquely fit the theme of your event or party. Here’s some of the typical options that we have for you currently.

 2 Hours with A Clown and a Character Combination

With this package your child will get their favorite costume character which will meet all of the children at the party and there will be interactive dance games for them to play such as the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey. The costume character will pose for photographs of each of the children at the event. Once this character has finished entertaining the children the entertainer will then change into a clown costume. The clown engages with the children with face painting, balloon animals, using the bubble machine, and making cotton candy. This is a fun package for everyone at your child’s party.

1 Hour Magic and Interactive Comedy Show

This is an interactive and fun Magic show for everyone. It features both comedy and magic. The magician entertainer will make the children laugh and will also involve them in the magician’s activities. While the children watch and enjoy the show they’ll be called up to the stage to participate and to help assist the magician in various tricks. The show will finish with a live rabbit and children will then be able to pet the rabbit while balloon sculptures are made for them. This is another fun activity that we can offer your children.

Mechanical Bull

One of the fun options for all age groups is the Mechanical Bull. The bucking action of the bull can be customized so that everyone can ride it. This could be an excellent addition for any Western theme party, but I can also be used for any party. There is an attendant that comes with a mechanical bull which ensures the safety for everyone involved.

When the bull is in motion, the eyes will glow red. This bull will replicate the sensations that you get with a bucking animal at a rodeo. The bull has a variable speed motor and it will be installed in the proper way to prevent injury. Users that are on the bulb are connected to a wrist harness and there is a quick stop feature so the bull will stop moving when the rider is about to fall off of it. This enhances the safety for everyone involved that’s using the mechanical bull.

The bull also has various levels of expertise from beginner right through to expert. The rides going to start off a very slowly and the speed can be advanced according to the ability of the rider.  For those that are more experienced, you can even make a competition out of it.

Summary has a lot of options for you as an entertainment company. We offer an excellent mechanical bull rental NY service as well as many other entertainment services to suit your needs. We can cover small parties, large events, and other events with a wide range of entertainment services to meet all of your needs. Call today for a free quote