Spin Art

Spin Art Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island Kids love our arts and crafts. Spin art has been a party favorite for a long time. Create beautiful 5 x 7 ” artistic spin art paint projects in just a minute.

The Way it Works

  1. We use a Spin art machine that has a turn table. On this turn table exists a holder where a white cardboard card is placed.
  2. The spin art machine is turned on and the white cardboard spins vary fast & then various colored paints are dripped onto it.
  3. It only takes a drop or 2 because as soon as the paint hits the surface the paint will spin & spread out on the card.
  4. As you got through the different colors a design starts to form and its usually very unique.

Spin art is just 1 part of 3 different Arts and Crafts that we offer for kids parties & birthdays.

Arts and Crafts

Beautifully bright colored Sand Art clear teddy bear shaped bottles are filled up with different brightly colored sands.

Lastly is Candy Art 6 inch plastic test tubes are filled with different colored powdered candy

The good thing is when you book your party you give us the # of kids at your party so we will have enough for all the kids to do & take home as a give away.

This unique idea keeps the kids occupied and they do something creative.

Arts & Crafts