Sand Art Party

Sand Art Party NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island Kids love our arts and crafts. Sand art has been a party favorite for a long time. Create beautiful sand art projects by filling up teddy bear shaped bottled with colored sand in just minutes.

The Way it Works

  1. We use a several bright vibrant colors of sand
  2. Teddy bear shaped bottles are then filled up with colors of sand.
  3. As different colors are added to the bottle several layer of color begin to form
  4. Finally close the bottle tightly with a cap & you have very unique beautiful design.

Sand art is just 1 part of 3 different Arts and Crafts that we offer for kids parties & birthdays.

Arts and Crafts

Beautifully聽bright colored Spin Art聽4 x 6 cards are colored with different colored paints.

Lastly is聽Candy Art聽6 inch plastic test tubes are filled with different colored powdered candy

The good thing is when you book your party you give us the # of kids at your party so we will have enough for all the kids to do & take home as a give away.

This unique idea keeps the kids聽occupied and they do something creative.

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