Indoor Bounce House Rental

Indoor Bounce House NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island. When having a kids party indoors its important to rent an indoor bounce house that fits and will meet your space requirements. Our indoor bounce house rental is the perfect solutions for your indoor bounce party needs when the room isnt as big.


We have 2 Sizes to choose from!

10 x 13 x 10ft tall.


15 x 15 x 8ft tall.

  1. Just need access to electricity
  2. Fully staffed.
  3. Professionally cleaned and maintained

Other options for low ceiling indoor parties 

  1. Ball Pit measures 10 x 10 and only 2ft tall Great for toddlers to climb thru
  2. Animal Kingdom bouncer  measures 17 x 17 and 8ft tall A bounce and slide

Let us know what your space requirements because it may be you can go taller and bigger than you imagined. We can work with you and plan a great party

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