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History of Bridal Shower

Did you know… Customary bridal showers are parties with a purpose A bridal shower is a way to honor the bride by “showering” her with good wishes and gifts. It is believed the first wedding shower can be traced back to a Dutch story of a young girl who fell in love with a poor miller. The young man was so poor because he had shared what he had to several villagers who fell on hard times. The girls father was very upset and refused to give her anything. So all her friends and family set out to shower her with gifts & everything they would need so that they could start a new life together.

So now its your turn.. Our bridal shower chairs are huge, all white and made from beautiful wicker sets the standard for all brides to be and showered your lovely bride to be. These beautiful bridal and baby shower chairs are delivered and setup at your location

So invite all closest family, dear friends close co-workers and put us on your guest list for the best bridal shower chairs near me

Also available Royal Throne Chairs

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