Arcade Shooting Game – Target Terror

Arcade Shooting Game Rental NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island – Target Terror is a shooting arcade game developed and published in 2004 by Raw Thrills, and designed by Eugene Jarvis.

Arcade Shooting Game Scenario

The game involves shooting terrorists attacking various places in the United States, including Denver Airport, the Golden Gate Bridge and Los Alamos National Laboratory. After dispatching and killing all terrorists, helping all officials (and keeps all the officials alive, along with the innocents) and saving all innocents in all these areas, the player(s) is are sent to an airplane that has been hijacked.

Object of the game

The player(s) must fight their way to the cockpit in order to stop the terrorists from making a suicide attack on the White House. The player(s) succeeds in killing all terrorists, helping all officials while successfully keeping them all alive, saving all innocents, and stops the White House suicide attack.

The president then says that he and the whole world thanks the player for their courage and bravery of stopping the terrorists, calls the player(s) a hero, and also says “Its because of heroes like yourselves, that this country is a safe place for democracy and the American way of life”, static is on the screen and then says “To be continued”.

Target Terror allows up to 2 players to be involved in this fast paced, action packed, adrenalin pumping game

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