Wheel of Chance / Money Wheel

Wheel of Chance or Money Wheel NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long  This game is known by several names, Wheel of Fortune, Money Wheel are just some of the more popular monikers  This money wheel rental game does not require any skill but relies on pure luck for the player to win.

How to play

The player places a bet or wager before the money wheel is spun.  Once all bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel.  The anticipation mounts as the money wheel slowly comes to a stop, then the person spinning the money wheel announces the winning number & the winners are the ones that have placed their bets on that winning selection.  A great game for beginners and all alike


36 x 36 inches and table top mounted

We have a wide variety of wheels including a giant LED light wheel that can be completely customized to your event.

All money wheel games are set up before your party starts and can be staffed to help your guests as they play.

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