Black Santa Clause is coming to town

Merry Christmas and Black Santa Claus is on his way to your home. This most friendly Santa is African American & Dressed in a beautiful deluxe Santa suit and our Black Santa Claus is jolly, energized and ready to bring joy to your party.

This unique Christmas Holiday visitor who is available for store promotions, handing out flyers to Children’s parties with dance games, posing for photos and also make balloons, face painting, Christmas tattoos and cotton candy.


At your request Black Santa Claus can be accompanied by Christmas Elves or Elf to your party where the Christmas Elf can assist in handing out resents and helping  Santa Claus out.

But whatever you Christmas Entertainment holiday needs our Santa Claus is there to help bring in more joy and fun to the occasion.


Black Santa NY, NYC, CT, Long Island

Black Santa

Christmas Party Entertainment