Zip Line Mobile Rental

Mobile Zipline Rental in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island Add something really special to your event this year, our brand new Mobile Zip Line. Thrill seekers of all ages will line up to experience the ultimate rush of zip lining across the sky for up to 300’. Our mobile zipline is an exciting rush & can accommodate 2 people at a time traveling at up to 21mph at a height of 30ft, traveling across 200 to 300ft (depends if you have enough length) Even the landing is fun and exciting.

Added safety features includes our “Decelinator” is a spring based system that slows down the landing with large tension springs, and then uses a hydraulic cable to lower the participant back to the ground. This is the smoothest and safest landing in the industry. Our Zip Line would be an amazing addition to any event, whether it is a town festival, a college carnival, a corporate picnic or any event where you want the guests to be wowed, and go home talking about the great time they had.

Space Requirements:

  1. minimum of 200ft to start & can be made longer if there is 300ft of space
  2. 30ft height clearance from the ground up (no tree branches & power lines)
  3. Truck must be able to back up to the location to unload (cannot go up steps or up or thru a fence – unless 10ft wide)
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