Golden Tee Golf Arcade Game

Golden Tee Golf Arcade Game in NY, NYC, NJ, CT, PA, Long Island. Interactive Golf arcade game Starts with 3 different courses to choose from, from either the ”Easy” course to the ”Hard” course, you have to take into consideration the wind velocity, the type of club you use and even the back spin you put on the ball. All in all, it’s a hell of a game & fun

It’s golf, plain and simple. You can choose from three different course that have increasing difficulty. In order to make an impact and get a low score {which is the point, being under par}, you have to make each stroke that you take count. While playing, you have to factor in the distance that the club you’re currently using will go,, and the wind factor on whatever hole you’re shoot.

There are more intricate actions, such as putting, and even slicing the ball up onto the green for a birdie or an eagle. Maybe getting stuck in the woods will require a chip shot around the trees and back onto the fairway. Anyway that you look at it, the possibilities with golden tee golf arcade game are endless in what might happen on any one hole during any one game. Add to this that you can get up to four people playing, and you’re looking at a very competitive time and a very competitive game.

Golden Tee has several different things going for it, mainly that being the game play. When you cut it down to the basics, a good sports game should include some sort of strategy instead of just strength, power or multiple button presses. With our Golden Tee Arcade game rental, you’re forced to use a little thinking power to get your score down below par, and make some records on the machine for each course, and then right down to each hole and drive

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