Arts & Crafts

Arts n Crafts NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island Our arts and Crafts is a very popular and artistic way to have a party. We bring 3 different crafts to your party

Sand Art

This craft consisting of teddy bear shaped bottles being filled up with various colored sand by pouring into the top of the design when you start to add the different colors a layering effect is made & produces a beautiful look

Spin Art

You’ll love how each card is so unique from the next one. By utilizing a spin art machine that spins a 4 x 6 inch car the cards are spun around very fast. As they spin droplets of paint are dropped onto it after going thru a few different colors a beautiful design of colors starts to take form.

Candy Art

With this arts and craft 6 inch plastic test tubes are filled with different colored powdered candy. Each candy has a different flavor & color. Its almost like doing sand art by filling up the bottle a design of layered colors is made. The bottle can be capped at this point but most often the sugar winds up being poured into the participants mouth

The best thing about arts and crafts is that each child can do one & can take it home as a giveaway. Serving NY, NJ, CT, Long island