Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery Rental Game Great fun well known game of shooting gallery as the name implies you are shooting a gun aimed at fun targets. But we also have many professional and fun carnival games. Awesome and wide variety of cool carnival games near me or you in NY, NJ, CT, Long Island All games are set up before your party starts and can be staffed to help your guests as they play.
Our Shooting Gallery game package comes with a staff attendant to assist you and your guests or can done as a rental without


7ft x 7ft on a sturdy metal frame

Object of the Game
Just like the old classic game of shooting gallery in this case you are shooting Velcro tipped darts with a soft crossbow aiming it at a velvet target that has different targets to shoot on it

Carnival Game Package
Right now we have a package of 6 Carnival Games you can pick from like (knockdown cans, tip a troll, tic tac toe, crazy hat, big mouth, plinko, shuffle alley, basketball toss, baseball toss, football toss, ring toss, pizza toss(order up), frog flip, shooting gallery) or if you want we can suggest the games for you 2 hours (call for pricing) and you get 1 cotton candy machine free!!! we also have Bible

Carnival Games for synagogue or church events. Call for free quote & availability

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