Frog Flip Carnival Game

Frog Flip Carnival Game NY, NJ, CT. The Frog Hop carnival game rental

How Frog Flip Game Works

Swing a mallet a launching pad to launch the frog into the air. Winner is the one who lands frog on pedestal. You’ll have so much fun you’ll flip over our frog flip game rental party idea for your birthday party, school carnival, church festival & company picnic. Frog Flip game is most commonly rented along in our carnival game package 

Frog Flip Dimensions

Professional quality 5ft x 30inches ft Comes with frogs to launch


Try the 6 Carnival Games Rental Package

We have dozens of carnival games to rent with your Touchdown Toss Football throwing game. Basic package starts with a choice of 6 Carnival Game Rentals that you pick such as: ring toss, knock down cans, basketball toss, baseball toss, crazy hat, big mouth, roller bowler, plinko.

rainbow roll, pizza toss, stand a bottle, tic tac toe, frog flip, que ball, shooting gallery & a cotton candy machine for a special package price.

For larger Carnival Games Rentals party you can add more games & even include red & white carnival booths


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