Order Up Pizza Toss

Pizza Toss Order Up Carnival game. Player begins by tossing pieces slices into the top of the pizza plate for the win. The Order Up Pizza Toss game is most commonly rented along in our carnival game package 

Order Up Pizza Toss Dimensions

Professional quality 30″ x 30″ Comes with 3 pizza slices to throw

Try the 6 Carnival Games Rental Package

We have dozens of carnival games to rent with your Pizza Toss throwing game. Basic package starts with a choice of 6 Carnival Game Rentals that you pick such as: ring toss, knock down cans, basketball toss, football toss, baseball toss, crazy hat, big mouth, roller bowler, plinko.

More Great Carnival Game Choices

We have unique Carnival Games Rentals to add to the Order Up game such as rainbow roll, pizza toss, stand a bottle, tic tac toe, frog flip, que ball, shooting gallery & a cotton candy machine for a special package price.

For larger Carnival Games Rentals party you can add more games & even include red & white carnival booths.


Awesome Carnival Game Alternatives

In addition to renting Carnival Games you can add more to this setup with fun games like Arcade Games, Electronic Basketball Pop a Shot, Foosball, Skeeball and turn your Carnival Games party into a arcade amusement parlor. Call for details & free quote

Other Awesome Games

Need more amazing interactive games of all kinds, then how about our

Giant games like the Giant Jenga, Connect 4, Giant Chess or Checkers. Then add more to your party entertainment with games such as Arcade Games like Ms Pacman (which has 45 classic games from the 80’s), Cruisn World driving game, Gauntlet 4,  Street Fighter (contains 650 games in one unit). Table games such as ping pong, foosball, Electronic Basketball Pop a ShotAir Hockey, Skeeball and a whole lot more.


Also extremely popular is our Mechanical Bull, Photo Booth, and the Mirror Me Photo Booth
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