Giant Checkers Game Rental

Giant Checkers is latest in popular non electronic game rentals. We’ve taken the classic game and super-sized it! Players take turns playing giant Checkers the same way as a traditional game of Checkers. Just Giant sized. A fun and exciting game for all ages, Giant Checkers is perfect for bar mitzvahs & bat mitzvahs, birthday parties and more!

How Big is The Giant Checkers Game

The playing surface measures 10 ft x 10ft. each piece is 10 inches wide & almost 4 inches tall, it’s a blast for all ages! Its simple design makes it easy to set up and tear down in about 1 minutes.

How to Play

The Giant Checkers game is simple for 2 players to face off and each player chooses a color. The players take turns moving their checkers pieces as in a regular game of checkers  This incredibly fun and addicting game is made even more fun since it’s huge! Includes plenty of extra game pieces

Awesome Giant Checkers Game Alternatives

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