Bounce Houses Available For Rent

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Bounce Houses Available For Rent

Bounce Houses For Rent

Planning to host an unforgettable birthday party? Consider renting a bounce house and you’d be set for hours of fun and entertainment in a comfortable and safe environment.

While there’s a wide selection of bounce house rentals in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, not every rental company has the same offers. To avoid a blunder, here are five things to consider when picking a bounce house:

1. Decide on the size of the bounce house. How much room do you have in your backyard? Is the bounce house strictly for the kids or would you also like the adults to enjoy it? A bounce house with an obstacle course that stretches 50 feet long or 40 x 40 Alien Laser Tag Game might look like fun, but is there enough room around it? Most homes can accommodate a typically sized bounce house, which is 15 x 15 feet.

2. Choose the type of bounce house. Is it going to be a wet or dry bounce house? There are many add-ons and attachments that make bounce houses more fun but you need to carefully think about what these should be. For instance, if you choose a wet bounce house, consider the lawn clean up after the party. Will the water splashes not affect the electronics nearby, too?

3. Consider the blowers’ power. A bounce house gets its “bounce” from the blower and it has to be powerful enough. Its power source should also be constantly up and running. Do you have a good outlet outdoors to accommodate this? Or electricity at all? If not, you might have to shell out extra cash to rent a generator or mention this to the bounce house rental company, so that they know how to set it up best. The wrong type of blower power could trip the circuit, and it could be a party pooper if that happens.

4. Secure permission. If you’re planning to set up the bounce house in a park, board of education or public space, you’ll need to get permission from the city council or the local park services. If you live in an apartment community, you might also have to inform the building manager as well. There might be some requirements, such as insurance or liability, as well as extra fees and you have to make sure this is covered to avoid any disputes later on.

5. Pick a good rental company. Preferably, choose a service that has been in the business for a while and check if the company has a license to rent out bounce houses, considering the risks. The bounce house rental company must also have professional supervised installers. It’s best if you ask for referrals, or check the reviews about the company online or on their Facebook page, if they have one.

Bounce house rentals cost between $250 to $500 or more, depending on the size, type and features.  Companies usually rent out between two to six hours, but you can also arrange for a full day’s rental.

Need a bounce house to enliven up a birthday party? Give us a call for your questions and we’ll gladly assist and give  you a quote!